Camping in Pemberton BC

Camping in Pemberton BC


Pemberton and its surrounding area has some of the great camping areas in this province with 94 sites at Nairn Falls and 78 sites at Birkenhead Lake. These two sites have good access and provide tenting as well as trailer and motor home spaces. In addition to these sites there are more than 200 forestry campsites in the Upper Lillooet, Owl Creek, Lillooet Lake, Duffy lake, Hurley, and Pemberton/Whistler area. There are also many “rough and ready” areas just off the beaten track for those that wish to explore open crown land sites along the rivers and lakes.

The campsites at Birkenhead, and Lillooet Lake provide excellent opportunities for fishing, walking and hiking. For trailers, motor homes and campers there is a waste station at the Tourist Information Centre just as you come to the Pemberton/Mount Currie junction less than ½ mile from the Pemberton commercial center. The ‘rough and ready’ approach is not for everyone. Home comforts are very important to some people and going without them for a few days is hard. Camping is probably one of the few times you will have to go without your electrical luxuries like televisions, radiators and computers. Most of us like to check our emails or browse the web, but no such luck when you are in the middle of a field. It is the one home luxury you can use – that is until it runs out of battery and there are no plugs to charge it again of course.  If you need bear spray, we sell that too.


The right size and comfort rating is important when selecting a sleeping bag so that you can get a restful sleep. Keep in mind that if the bag is undersized and particularly short it is unlikely to allow you to cover yourself completely to maximize the warmth rating of the bag. Spud Valley has a good selection of packs, tents, and bags to suit your needs and staff have the necessary skills to help you make an informed choice. We like to use and test drive most of the equipment that we sell. We have camping equipment to meet virtually all camping needs and requirements – from the day packer, the car trunk tripper, and for a small expedition. Whatever type of camping or adventure you are embarking upon keep in mind that some simple planning for meals and accommodation will go a long way to adding to the comforts of your trip. Remember to take with you the basics to include survival gear in addition to a source for cooking and heat, food, shelter and the appropriate clothing. We know you will enjoy traveling, camping, and staying in the Sea To Sky Area and in particular Pemberton, BC.


Your pack should be properly sized and suitable for the intended use. Keep in mind that the design and fitting is very important if you are going to carry a heavy load and remember that this item is going to carry all your gear needed for the trip including survival equipment. Whether you are planning a day trip or an excursion both the fit and the functionality are very important.


With respect to your tent it should also be sized to accommodate you and your equipment and provide the required shelter from the weather, insects, and rodents. If you are inclined to genuinely “rough it” and sleep under the stars in a rock pile or under a tree a simple throw or cover will do, but only the very hardy should be planning such a trip. Our staff have this type of experience and can relate to the benefits of breaking camp early in the morning and traveling until dusk.