Hiking in Pemberton and Whistler BC Canada

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park.  Hiking in Pemberton and Whistler BC Canada

Hiking in Pemberton and Whistler BC Canada

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Hiking in Pemberton and Whistler BC Canada.  There are a number of very walk-friendly trails in Pemberton and of particular interest and often used is the Nairn Park trail that takes you to the Nairn Park falls or to One Mile Lake. One Mile Lake is also a favorite swimming spot for tourists and locals. Pemberton has an abundance of FREE parking in the downtown commercial area and you can walk to most stores from any of the main parking locations. There is also parking at the recreation center with a trail network to the downtown commercial area. One Mile Lake is also a nice spot to enjoy an afternoon rest or picnic.  If you are in Whistler check out the Lost Lake Trail AKA Lost Lake Loop.  Here you will see a beautiful park filled with song birds, Black Bears and the fishing is Great.  Our fishing page talks about a few other Great fishing locations in Whistler and Pemberton.


There are many hiking spots to explore once you arrive in Pemberton. Day trip trails include Joffre Lakes, Tenquille Lake, Cerise Creek Trail, Marriott Basin Trail, Chain Lakes, Foul Lakes and Owl Lake. If you are inclined to overnight in these areas there are wilderness trails that link most of the lakes in the high country. For example it is possible to make a two or three day trip by trail from Pemberton/Tenquille Lake/Owl lake. There is a public cabin at Tenquille Lake that provides emergency shelter for those that are roughing it and not taking tents. Tents are a good idea for the backcountry as it increases your options for shelter and comfort. Always remember to take a pack and some emergency supplies. Staff at Spud Valley Sporting Goods are happy to provide information and tips about the areas that you want to explore or travel.

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is a popular destination

Steeply rising from Lower Joffre Lake, the glacier-laden peaks are visible from an easily accessible viewpoint 500 metres from the parking lot. If you carry on, the trail becomes a rough, rocky and steep hike through the Coast Mountain range. Evidence of the park’s glacial history can be found in the U-shaped valleys, glacial silts and lateral moraines. This magnificent area of jagged peaks, icefields, cold rushing streams and turquoise blue lakes was established as a recreation area in 1988 and became a Class A park in 1996.

A highlight of the park is the turquoise blue waters of Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre lakes, all three of which are located along the trail, and each more stunning than the last. Their striking, saturated blue colour is caused by “rockflour” – or glacial silt – that is suspended in the water and reflects green and blue wavelengths of sunlight. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park has opportunities for hiking, camping, mountaineering, wildlife viewing, and fishing.

Established Date: January 7, 1988
Park Size: 1,460 hectares

Activities Available at Joffre lakes Park

  • Climbing

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Winter Recreation

Backcountry skiing and snowshoeing opportunities exist.  Snowshoe rentals are available at Spud Valley Sporting Goods ltd in Pemberton, BC. Be properly equipped with, and experienced in the use of, avalanche safety gear if venturing into avalanche terrain. Coastal winter weather can change rapidly, affecting visibility and travel conditions. Be aware and prepared. The clearing of the parking lot is provided by a highway maintenance contractor and is done so periodically throughout the winter. There may be times when it is not cleared when you arrive. Please do your best to park off of the highway (shoveling may be required), and allow for clearing equipment to access the lot. Thank you, and enjoy the park.

Pets on Leash in this park.

Joffre lakes provincial park trail map

Joffre lakes provincial park trail map